December 2, 2023


Everyone has a past. Everyone has certain truths that deeply hurt. But if you can learn from your life experiences, you will become inherently attractive, and Russian ladies will admire you deeply.

  • A Russian woman’s true story (Part I):

Tash is a 37-year-old lady from Russia. She is one of the most intelligent and courageous women that I know. The section below is written by her.

I still remember the day I discovered Darren Hayes. It was New Year’s Eve (December 31st, 1996). I was 12 years old at that time. It was a snowy day. I was lying on the ground in a park and looking at the sky for six hours. I probably had depression at that time, but I didn’t have a word for it. Actually, I grew up with my father’s mistress. I knew she isn’t my mother. I knew it based on the way she was treating me. It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon, so I had to go home. In order to find another excuse for arriving home late again, I went to a video store on my way home. In the video store, I saw Savage Garden’s very first To the Moon and Back music video on TV (it was the original black-and-white Australian version rather than the international version; that was before the first Savage Garden album was officially released). I remember I understood every word in that song. I really liked the way Darren Hays looked at the camera and the way he was touching his own hands. When I arrived home at night, I wrote a letter to Darren Hayes, asking whether the right pilot actually arrived or not. (I kind of believed that the story in the music video was true because it looked so real. I guess children who believe in Santa Claus are happier, so the theory is the same here.) I sent the letter to Darren’s record company, but I’m not sure if he received my letter.

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  • Tash’s true story (Part II):

25 years later, I watched Darren Hayes’s new music video Let’s Try Being in Love on YouTube on 27th January 2022. Now I’m 37 years old. The real reason why I don’t have depression anymore is that I learned from my life experiences in the past and I strongly believe in my bright and joyful future. Because Darren has come out already, his new music video is the first song that honors his truth. When Darren was married to a woman, he came out to his wife at that time first. When I was married to a man, I had a similar experience. If you’ve watched Let’s Try Being in Love, you would know what I’m talking about – Darren and his wife go to a dinner party together. Darren is attracted to the male host because he isn’t really straight. Well, when I was married, my ex-husband did something similar, but I wouldn’t say he is definitely gay. What happened was whenever I went out with him socially, even men couldn’t take their eyes away from him because he is extremely charismatic. That marriage was stressful because the intimate relationship wasn’t intimate most of the time. My ex-husband was divorced three times by the age of 36, and every time he got divorced, the reason was the intimate relationship wasn’t intimate (the same reason was repeated 3 times). However, I really don’t think he is actually gay. But I know something wasn’t quite right because my psychologist told me that my ex-husband is a psychopath who has a bipolar personality disorder. In the end, that marriage became problematic as my ex-husband was abusive. I didn’t want to put up with the domestic violence, so I left that marriage permanently. Now I only want to marry a foreign man who respects women. Therefore, I’ve joined to find true love.

Don’t get me wrong. The story about that marriage has nothing to do with Darren Hayes. In fact, Darren Hayes is my favorite singer in the world. I’ve learned a lot from my past: 

  1. Psychology/therapy can only treat the symptoms of mental health issues like depression and anxiety. In contrast, art, music, literature and religion can cure the root cause of mental health problems, although many people might argue that these things seem a bit useless in a commercial world nowadays. As a matter of fact, I recovered from depression because of Darren Hayes’s music.
  1. We should get rid of the stigma about mental health issues, particularly in today’s day and age when COVID-19 is causing so much stress around the world.
  2. My past only exists in my head and it doesn’t exist right now in reality, though it existed in the past. Thus, I shouldn’t dwell on my past; I can simply learn from my life experiences and move on. I still believe in love and I strongly believe in a better future. 

“Tash is the most courageous and intelligent Russian woman that I’ve ever met.”


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