November 30, 2023


President Joe Biden wants Russia removed from the G-20 group of the world’s largest economies, the president said during a news conference Thursday.

Asked during a press conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday if Russia’s invasion of Ukraine should prompt the G-20 to kick Moscow out, Biden said “my answer is yes.”

“That depends on the G-20,” Biden continued. “That was raised today.”
Biden said he told NATO leaders that if Russia could not be removed from the G-20, Ukraine should be invited to attend the group’s meetings as an observer.

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to attend the G-20 summit this October, Russia’s ambassador to Indonesia told Reuters Wednesday.

Biden also declined to share any U.S. intelligence on the possibility that Putin might deploy chemical weapons in his nation’s war on Ukraine but said “we would respond if he uses it” and “The nature of the response would depend upon the nature of the use.”

Later, when asked whether Russian chemical weapons use would result in a military response from NATO countries, Biden said, “It would trigger a response in kind.”

Two weeks ago, Biden pledged Russia would pay a “severe price” for using chemical weapons in Ukraine.


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