December 2, 2023


U.S.  President Joe Biden will make a speech in Poland today in which he said that the “free world”, opposes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and that there is agreement among major economies about the need to stop Vladimir Putin.

After three days’ worth of emergency meetings with NATO allies, the G7 and European Council, as well as a visit by U.S troops in Poland, Biden will meet President Andrzej duda of Poland.

Biden, who was elected to office in 2012 after a violently contested vote, vowed that he would restore democracy at home, and unify democracies around the world to face autocrats such as the Russian president and China’s leader Xi Jinping.

Putin’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which Russia refers to as a “special operations”, has proven that Russia is serious about keeping its promises and threatens to launch a new Cold War 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The White House released a statement saying that Biden would give remarks about the united efforts of all the world to support Ukraine’s people, hold Russia responsible for its war crimes, and advocate a future based on democratic principles.

The backdrop to the remarks is Warsaw. It was, until 1989’s collapse of communist rule, behind the Iron Curtain for forty years, and was a member the Moscow-led Warsaw Pact security coalition.

Poland is now the largest formerly communist country in the European Union and NATO. This alliance was created to counter the Soviet Union. The rise in right-wing populism in Poland over the past few years has caused it to be at odds with Washington and the European Union. However, the threat from Russia pushing beyond its borders has brought Poland closer to its Western neighbors.

After placing great value on its relationship with Donald Trump, Warsaw’s Nationalist Law and Justice government was put in an awkward spot by Biden’s election.

Duda seemed to be trying to improve relations with Washington, despite tensions building with Russia ahead of the February 24 invasion of Ukraine. He vetoed legislation in December that critics claimed was designed to silence a 24-hour U.S. news broadcaster.

Biden and Duda are scheduled to meet privately to discuss a dispute over Ukraine’s warplanes and other security measures.

Washington rejected an offer from Poland to transfer Russian-made MiG29 fighter jets to a U.S. military base in Germany. This was to avoid direct conflict with Russia.

Poland is now seeking assurance on NATO’s commitments to protect its members and to accelerate its purchase of U.S.-made Patriot missiles and F35 fighter jets and tankers.

Pawel Soloch (head of the National Security Bureau), stated that “Above All, we want the unshakeable guarantee that the United States provides in the framework of alliance.” “Especially here, to Poland as well as the other countries in the region. The USA would defend Poland in the event of an attack on Poland.


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