December 7, 2023


The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy stated on Thursday that the situation in Borodianka was “significantly worse” than in Bucha where Russian forces are suspected of killing civilians.

Borodianka is located about 60km (37 miles) north of Kyiv. Families were watching as diggers searched through rubble from an apartment block. The majority of the building had been burned and the middle section was torn down, creating a large hole.

Vadym Zagrebelnyi, a resident, told Reuters that his mother, brother, sister, and brother-in-law, as well other people who were in the basement, are still there.

“But there were also other people there on the top floors, with children. They didn’t come out, and I am certain of that. They were there that day, I am certain.”

Zelenskiy stated in a Telegram message that the devastation in Borodianka was worse then Bucha. Officials have claimed that more than 300 people were killed by Russian forces and 50 of them were executed.

It’s much more terrible there. He said that Russian occupiers had caused more deaths. He didn’t provide further details or evidence to support the claim that Russia was responsible.

Iryna Vediktova, Ukraine’s general prosecutor, stated earlier that the authorities found “650 dead bodies” in the Kyiv region. This includes Bucha, Borodianka and other villages like Irpin.

Borodianka is home to very few buildings. The ones that remain are often ruined. A blue plastic shoe for a child was found among the rubble.

Wayne Jordash, a lawyer at the Global Rights Compliance law firm/foundation, stated that “when you see that pattern develop then it becomes more and more clear that what we’re discussing is war crimes as well as crimes against humanity.”

“I believe they could even go further in Bucha, it’s not clear at the moment but there are indications of genocide. I’d say that.

The West has widely condemned the killing of civilians at Bucha as war crimes and is pushing for stronger sanctions against Russia.

“What will happen when the entire truth is revealed about the Russian military’s actions in Mariupol?” Zelenskiy asked. “There was almost everything that the world saw in Bucha, and in other Kyiv regions, after the withdrawal by the Russian troops.

Moscow claims that one of its aims in the military campaign is to “liberate” Russian-speaking areas such as Mariupol’s southern port from threats of genocide by Ukrainian nationalists. It says they have used civilians for human shields.

Zelenskiy rejected these claims and said they were a pretext for Russia to invade.


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