October 3, 2023


Ukraine asked Bulgaria to fix some of its heavy military equipment at its arms plants. This was Kiril Petkov, the Bulgarian Prime Minister, who said this on Thursday, after meeting Volodymir Zelenskiy, the Ukrainian President.

European Union member and NATO NATO member Bulgaria condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but have yet to decide whether to send military assistance to Kiyv. Petkov’s government, which is made up of four parties, opposes such a move.

Petkov stated that this was a genuine request and that he will present it to the coalition council. He also said that he hoped next week when the parliament will vote on military-technical assistance for Ukraine, it would be a key component of the package.

Petkov’s centrist PP party along with two other coalition partners support Ukraine with military assistance, while the fourth party of the Socialists, which have opposed imposing sanctions against Russia, views it as direct participation in the conflict.

With support from some opposition parties, the Bulgarian parliament is expected to approve the move.


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