September 30, 2023


European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Wednesday proposed banning three additional Russian state-owned broadcasters from Europe, in a move designed to crack down on Russian disinformation after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Von der Leyen gave details on a sixth package of sanctions against Russia, during an address to the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg. “We are banning three big Russian state-owned broadcasters from our airwaves. They will not be allowed to distribute their content anymore in the EU, in whatever shape or form, be it on cable, via satellite, on the internet or via smartphone apps,” von der Leyen said.

“We have identified these TV channels as mouthpieces, that amplify [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s lies and propaganda aggressively. We should not give them a stage anymore to spread these lies,” she added.

Von der Leyen did not name the broadcasters.

At the beginning of March, Kremlin-backed RT and Sputnik were banned in the EU. Since the start of the invasion, a massive information war has unfolded both online and offline between Kremlin-backed news outlets and actors both in Ukraine and across the West.


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