March 25, 2023


Anyone who displays the letter Z in Germany as a symbol of support for Russia’s war on Ukraine could face prosecution, an Interior Ministry spokesperson stated Monday.

After announcements from Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Berlin that they would also punish such acts, the interior minister of Berlin stated that Berlin would immediately take action on any Z symbol cases that were used to endorse Russia’s aggression.

Reporters were told by a spokesperson from the Interior Ministry of the federal government that although the letter Z is not prohibited, its use in specific cases may be considered an endorsement of the Russian war on aggression.

The Russians have adopted the Z letter as a mark on Russian military vehicles that took part in the conflict. It is also prominently displayed at rallies and on flags.

The spokesperson for the Interior Ministry stated that the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine was a crime and anyone who publicly supports it can be subject to prosecution.

He said that federal security authorities are keeping an eye on the situation and that several federal states have announced they will examine individual cases to determine if it is a criminal act.


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