March 25, 2023


The EU will facilitate and support the investigations of war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine. There have been widely reported instances in international media about the atrocities committed by Russian troops. Now the Ukrainian authorities are working to secure proof of those atrocities and officially present that proof to the international community.

“One thing is clear: there can be no impunity,” Christian Wigand, Commission spokesperson for Justice, said. “Those responsible for the atrocities and war crimes in Ukraine must be held accountable and we will do everything possible towards this goal.”

The EU received a request from the Ukrainian Prosecutor General to provide investigators for war crimes, forensic experts, evidence storage equipment, secure communications as well as training for Ukrainian investigators. The Prosecutor General has already launched a number of investigations into accusations of chemical weapons, bombing of civilian targets and other illegal war activities. With the EU’s help, the Prosecutor General seeks to provide proof of the Russian military’s war crimes to the International Court of Justice and hold them accountable. 

The Commission has already sent a letter to Justice Ministers from EU countries to call for increased cooperation and support of the Prosecutor General’s requests. A joint investigative team supported by Eurojust and Ukraine is also already working from Kiev to collect evidence in cooperation with the International Criminal Court.

The announcement comes just days after Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen and EU High Representative Josep Borrell visited Ukraine and witnessed the atrocities committed in the town of Bucha.


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