December 2, 2023


The European Union recently launched a program to help Ukrainian researchers fleeing the war. The European Research Area for Ukraine website has information for Ukrainian researchers about finding jobs, housing and transportation to EU countries and other neighboring countries. The program is a part of EURAXESS, the initiative by European countries to facilitate the mobility and development of European researchers. 

“We stand with the researchers and innovators of Ukraine who are faced with unprecedented circumstances as a result of the Russian invasion against their country,” Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said. “Ukrainian scientists and researchers have been key contributors to EU research and innovation… Today’s launch of ERA4Ukraine is another important action to support our Ukrainian fields.”

The ERA4Ukraine website contains information about jobs and housing for refugees in 30 countries. As of now, the website is only in English, but the Commission plans to implement a Ukrainian language option in the coming days and weeks. It also contains information about how to recognize their diploma at European institutions, which will also aid in their hunt for jobs. 

EURAXESS is a collaboration between EU countries and member countries which works to support European scientists through information sharing and supporting mobility and career development. This program also supports the European Commission’s Science4Refugees initiative. The Science4Refugees initiative began well before the Ukraine crisis and acts as the framework for the ERA4Ukraine initiative. 
If you know a Ukrainian refugee or are looking to hire a Ukrainian researcher, the website is


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