March 29, 2023


Russia’s Ambassador to France was summoned to the French Foreign Ministry on Friday over an earlier embassy tweet that Paris deemed inacceptable, the foreign ministry stated.

On Thursday, the Russian Embassy in Paris posted a photo showing a body lying on “Europe”, with characters representing the United States of America and European Union inserting needles into it.

“These posts are unacceptable. “We made this clear today to Russian Ambassador,” the ministry stated in a statement to Reuters. “These actions are totally inappropriate and we are trying to maintain a demanding dialogue channel with Russia.”

France’s European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune had condemned the cartoon on Thursday, calling it “a shame” in response to the drawing posted earlier in the day by @AmbRusFrance.

Since then, the picture has been removed from Twitter feed of Embassy.

This drawing suggested that the United States and EU were destroying the European continent through their policies.

The needles were inserted into the body to illustrate Europe.

The Russian Embassy in Paris had planned to publish the cartoon in conjunction with Thursday’s unprecedented triple summit of NATO, G7, and EU in Brussels to discuss ways to end Russia’s war against Ukraine.

As Russia’s attack on its neighbor entered its second month, Western leaders met in Brussels in order to increase their military aid to Ukraine, strengthen their presence in Eastern Europe and to tighten sanctions on Russia.

French President Emmanuel Macron sought to maintain dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He continues to communicate with him regularly as part of efforts for a ceasefire to allow for credible negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv.


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