November 30, 2023


French forensic specialists have arrived in Bucha, Kyiv, to assist Ukraine authorities in determining what happened in the town, where hundreds of bodies were discovered after Russian forces withdrew.

According to Ukraine, the Russian forces killed the civilians during the occupation. Reuters cannot verify the death toll or the circumstances of the deaths in Bucha.

A worldwide outcry erupted after the discovery of Bucha’s civilian victims following the Russian withdrawal. Moscow denied any responsibility and dismissed claims that its troops had committed war crimes.

Workers in hazmat suits dug a shallow grave to find earth and then lifted a large mass covered in orange cloth. The group of French Gendarmerie’s Forensic Science Department watched.

According to witnesses, Prosecutor General Iryna Vediktova stated that the body parts found inside were those belonging to a woman and her children.

Venediktova stated that the French experts would assist the Ukrainian authorities in determining what happened to Bucha’s people over the next few weeks.

Venediktova stated that there were now many jobs with war crimes at the churchyard, where Venediktova spoke. Locals had already buried those who died in the occupation of the town.

Venediktova stated, “When you see dead bodies here, from both the Russian Federation and the other side, they say that it is all fake, this is our theatre.”

Venediktova stated that international experts will be able to see the situation. They can see everything. They can see all the details. This is why this moment is so important to us.

Moscow has denied that it targeted civilians since the invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2014. It has also called the allegations that Russian forces killed civilians in Bucha during their occupation the “monstrous forgery”, a plot to denigrate the Russian army.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated Tuesday that footage and images of dead bodies found in Bucha, Ukraine were fake.

Putin made the comment at a televised news conference that he compared Ukrainian claims that Russian soldiers executed civilians in Bucha with what he claimed was the West’s staging of a chemical weapons attack on Syria, aimed at incriminating Bashar Al-Assad.

Putin stated that it was the same fake Bucha.

French authorities announced Monday that the team, which included experts in explosives and ballistics, would be able to contribute to an investigation by the International Criminal Court.

Andriy Halavin, a local priest, said that their work would help show the world what happened in Bucha to its people, including the ones recently discovered in his churchyard.

Halavin stated that they didn’t die simply from accidental explosions or being at the wrong time and place, but were intentionally shot.

“Some people were driving in cars and were shot. Others were walking along the streets when they were shot.

“It is very important that all people see the truth, because Russian propaganda tells lies and stories.”


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