December 2, 2023


 Marine Le Pen, a far-right presidential candidate, was accosted by protesters in Guadeloupe, a French overseas territory. She rushed into a hotel to record a TV program, BFM TV reported Sunday.

As they cheered “out Le Pen” as she was being taken out of her room and through the hotel, the protestors chanted “racist Le Pen” and “out Le Pen.”

Franceinfo was informed by Julien Odoul, her spokesperson, that she intends to file a complaint.

“This is agitation by extreme left-wing militants. Local Black groups who spoil all, wherever they are active, in the territory of Republic,” he stated. He was referring to an antifascist movement that was frequently blamed for violence at street march in France during the yellow vest movement.

According to opinion polls, President Emmanuel Macron Macron and Le Pen are the most likely candidates to win the first round of the election. This vote will continue to the run-off vote on April 24, with Macron being the eventual winner.

Far-right leader Donald Trump has focused on domestic issues like inflation and the cost of living in a campaign that was overshadowed last week by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Macron, however, has been involved in a series of diplomatic meetings including NATO, G7, and European summits.


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