March 24, 2023


Ukraine’s humanitarian aid is starting to wane despite the ongoing Russian bombardment, OleksiiIaremenko, the Ukrainian Deputy Health Minister, stated on Sunday.

Iaremenko spoke in a cargo yard near Warsaw’s Chopin Airport during a delivery of medical equipment made possible by charity Direct Relief. He expressed gratitude to the international community.

Everything from gauze and metal beds to oxygen concentrators and asthma inhalers, the shipment headed for Ukraine contained everything. Iaremenko said that more assistance was urgently needed and called on other organizations to send aid.

“The level of humanitarian assistance has been a bit lower for the past week,” he said. He said that Russia’s aggression is increasing and is bombing civilians. We hope it will give us some breathing space to find new resources.

He said, “What we are asking is that you support us right now.” Don’t wait weeks or months to support us, we are in urgent need of your help.

According to the United Nations, the conflict in Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis that has displaced approximately 10 million people. This is nearly 25% of Ukraine’s population.

Moscow claims it is conducting a “special military operations” to demilitarize and “denazify” its neighbor, but denies that it targets civilians.

Russia’s actions are viewed by the West as unprovoked invasion by Ukraine and its allies.


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