November 30, 2023


¬†Friday’s Kremlin statement said that nothing bad would happen if the United States (and its allies) succeed in removing Russia from the Group of Twenty major economies (G20). Many of the G20 members are already at war economically with Moscow.

Dmitry Peskov (pictured), a Kremlin spokesperson, was responding to comments by Joe Biden, the U.S. president who stated he favors Russia being removed from the G20 after Russia sent thousands of troops into Ukraine.

Peskov stated that the G20 format was important but, in current circumstances, when most participants are in an economic war with us,” Peskov said to reporters when he answered a question regarding Russia’s possible expulsion.

Peskov stated that the world is much more diverse than America and Europe, and predicted that the U.S. attempts to isolate Moscow, which had been only partially successful, would be ineffective.

He stated that some countries are taking a more serious approach to Russia, and not trying to build bridges with it, and that Moscow would create new policy directions in every area.


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