December 2, 2023


Russia claimed Monday that it had struck a Kyiv shopping center with high-precision long range weapons. It was being used by Ukrainian forces as a rocket store or reloading station.

Late Sunday night, the attack on Kyiv’s shopping centre left at least eight dead, wreaked havoc on nearby buildings, and left a trail of rubble and the remains of burnt-out cars.

Igor Konashenkov, a spokesperson for the Defence Ministry, told reporters that “the areas near the shopping center were used as large bases for storing rocket munitions and for reloading multiple launchers.”

He stated that “high-precision long range weapons on the night March 21 destroyed a Ukrainian battery of multiple rocket launchers” and that ammunition was found in a non-functioning shopping mall.

Konashenkov presented video that he claimed showed Ukraine using the shopping center as a weapon store and reloading station.

Russia’s invasion in Ukraine has left thousands dead, 10 million displaced and raised concerns about a larger confrontation between Russia and America.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the “special military operations” in Ukraine were necessary because the United States was using Ukraine as a threat to Russia. He said that Russia had to defend itself against the “genocide of Russian-speaking peoples by Ukraine.”

Ukraine claims it is fighting to preserve its existence against a Russian imperial style land grab, and that Putin’s claims about genocide are absurd.

The West has imposed severe sanctions against Russia, which the Kremlin considers to be a declaration by the United States of America and its allies. China called for calm.

Moscow claims that the Western media has presented a biased version of the war, while completely ignoring Russian narratives.

Konashenkov stated that “we would like to remind the West media: We have provided complete evidence showing how the Kyiv Nationalistic regime used civilian objects in residential areas in Kyiv as well as in other cities for artillery and rocket systems firing positions.”

Konashenkov stated that Russia was conducting its operation by well-armed and professional forces. He also denied claims from Ukraine that Russian forces had struck civilian targets.

He called Ukrainian claims regarding Russian equipment and personnel losses “propaganda lies”


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