November 30, 2023


 The Russian ambassador to Italy Sergey Razov has said that he was suing La Stampa, an Italian newspaper, over an article which suggested the possibility of President Vladimir Putin being killed.

Razov stated to reporters that the suit was against journalistic ethics and morality.

La Stampa published a March 22 analysis titled “If killing the dictator is the only choice” According to the article, if no other options are available to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine then the only option is to have the president killed.

Razov spoke through a translator and said that his suit accuses the newspaper of encouraging and condoning crime.

La Stampa didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

Putin describes the invasion of Ukraine as a “special military action” to disarm Ukraine, and protect it against “Nazis”. That is what the West considers a pretext for an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.


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