September 26, 2023


Russia’s sanctions will remain in place until Moscow has reached a peace deal with Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that the sanctions will not be lifted unless Moscow agrees to that. He also said that Ukraine had to decide how it wants peace.

Scholz, who was interviewed on ZDF public TV, said that Putin miscalculated if it was possible to seize territory from Ukraine, declare an end of hostilities, and have sanctions lifted by the West.

Scholz stated that Scholz didn’t plan his entire Ukraine operation. He didn’t believe Ukraine would resist such a drastic measure. He wasn’t sure we would support them to resist for so long… We won’t withdraw the sanctions until he makes an agreement with Ukraine. And he won’t do that by a dictated peace.

He stated that he did not plan to visit Kyiv following a President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s cancelled trip to Ukraine.


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