December 7, 2023


In solidarity with the people of Ukraine, a peaceful village with white walls has changed its name to Ukraine.

A sign at the village’s entry indicates that Ukraine has replaced Fuentes de Andalucia. The country’s blue flag and its national flag are also displayed.

Streets were renamed City of Kyiv and Odesa in the village of over 7,100 people east of Seville.

Francisco Martinez, a City of Kiev resident, stated that the main goal was to increase awareness about the conflict in Ukraine and other countries at war.

Martinez stated that the name change was more then a gesture. Villagers had raised 3,500 euros ($3,780), within two days, towards a refugee center. The village is willing to provide homes for up to 25 refugees in the centre, or with their families.

Rafael Osuna (68), a retired man, stated that he would welcome a couple from Ukraine into his home.

He said, “The people in Fuentes are proud of what they are doing.” “As I am single and own a large house, I thought about taking in a couple from Ukraine for a time.”



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