September 29, 2023


The Social Democrats’ leadership will meet an additional time on May 15, where they can decide if the party will change policy or support a NATO application, Tobias Baudin, party secretary, said Wednesday.

The Social Democrats are the main obstacle to a successful application, as they have been the largest party in each election in the last 100 years.

Baudin said that the party leadership could make a decision at that time,” according to news agency TT.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which it called a “special operation”, has prompted a review of security policy in Sweden, Finland and other countries that remained outside NATO during the Cold War.

In the next few weeks, both countries will decide whether they want to join the 30-nation alliance.

The joint review of security policies is being conducted by the Swedish parliamentary parties. It is expected that they will report back on May 13.

Separate policy reviews are being conducted by the Social Democrats.

The party previously stated that it would make a decision by May 24, the deadline for which the leadership is scheduled to meet.

But, Sweden is cooperating with Finland, its closest defence partner, on the question NATO membership. Helsinki is considered to be moving faster than Stockholm

Magdalena Andersson, the Swedish Prime Minister, has stated that they will take separate decisions but that Finland’s decision will have a significant impact on Sweden.


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