December 2, 2023


Recently, I’ve met Trish, an Eastern European woman who has shared her brilliant wisdom with me. The main sections in this article are provided by Trish.

  • On becoming mature as time goes by:

Now I’m almost 38 years old. I’ll be 40 soon. According to the western standards, people who are under 40 are young. Therefore, I only have about 2 years to enjoy the so-called youth.

However, as I see it, youth is a not a matter of time. It’s not about rosy cheeks and red lips. It’s actually a state of mind. Honestly, I feel younger than before because now I am more energetic and enthusiastic – I know what I want in life now, whereas in the past, I was more confused and naïve. 

Getting older has made me realize that most things that I was worried about never happen. I was anxious when I was younger and probably had anxiety disorder when I was a child. But now I fully understand that everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then that means this isn’t the end.

If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have lived in fear when I was much younger. I should have spent more time doing what I love instead of living in fear. Now I must cherish each moment in my life and make every day count.

I’ve survived many challenges previously. Life is a journey which is best characterized by solving one problem and then solving another problem. No matter what, here I am. That means I am a courageous and brave woman who can overcome new challenges in life. Knowing this gives me true and solid confidence.

  • The meaning of life:

Of course, the meaning of life includes love, passion, meaningful work, family, friendship, education, and so forth.

But I would argue that most people are overthinking in this regard because not everything that we do has to have profound meaning in this world. Please let me explain.

I am a huge fan of reading, travel, music, art, fashion, etc. I have so many interests. Meanwhile, I’d like to point out that I also enjoy watching variety shows on TV and most people tend to believe that variety shows on TV are meaningless. Nevertheless, here is my rationale:

Not everything in life has to be tremendously meaningful. As a matter of fact, things like variety shows on TV exist because they make other things in life look more meaningful. What’s more, watching variety shows on TV helps me relax – as a single Eastern European woman, I love watching a variety show while having dinner at home. This combination makes me feel really happy because the show on TV is always entertaining.

Interestingly, a well-known psychologist claims that therapy/psychology can only treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety, whilst literature, art and religion can treat the root cause of depression and anxiety, though a lot of people in modern-day society would argue that literature, art and religion seem a bit useless nowadays when most things are about making a profit.

My understanding is therapy/psychology treats the symptoms of depression and anxiety because this approach changes how people think, which is very important. By contrast, art, literature and religion change how people feel, which is much more important.

Everyone is dictated by their thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s easier to manage your actions and thoughts, but it’s very hard to manage your feelings, especially if you are a highly sensitive person. Fortunately, art, literature and religion give you the opportunity to heal your feelings and emotions effectively.

My favorite art:

  1. Megan Hess’s print collections
  2. Taylor Swift’s music

My favorite literature:

  1. William Shakespeare’s work
  2. George Massey’s short stories

My favorite religion: Zen

Living a therapeutic life means I embrace what truly gives me joy.

“Eastern European women’s wisdom is profound and deep.”


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