December 1, 2023


The United States will give the European Union 15 billion cubic meters of gas this year. U.S. President Joe Biden held a press conference with European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen this morning where they discussed how the U.S. can help the EU decrease its dependency on Russian gas imports. They plan to set up a task force which will consist of Commission officials and White House Officials to supervise the implementation of the program. 

“The transatlantic partnership stands stronger and more united than ever,” Von Der Leyen said. “And we are determined to stand up against Russia’s brutal war. This war will be a strategic failure for Putin.”

Currently about 40% of the EU’s energy comes from Russian gas. While they did announce a plan to reduce Russian gas imports before the end of the year, the plan would only eliminate two thirds of the EU’s dependence on Russian gas. This dependence makes it difficult for the EU to implement sanctions on Russia for their illegal war in Ukraine. Von Der Leyen said that with the additional gas from the U.S., the EU is on track to diversify their energy needs away from Russia. 

“I know that eliminating Russian gas will have costs for Europe, but it is not only the right thing to do from a moral standpoint, it will also put us on a much stronger strategic footing,” Biden said.”

The joint plan between the EU and the U.S. also includes a plan to help reduce Europe’s dependence on gas in general. They plan to encourage widespread adoption of green and efficient energy technologies. Additionally the partnership hopes to promote the adoption of more renewable energy in line with the EU’s net-zero climate goals.


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