September 26, 2023


President Zelenskiy stated that he would meet U.S. Secretary Antony Blinken in Kyiv and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Sunday. He said that he hoped he could secure heavy weapons, which he believes are vital for Ukraine’s eventual retake of Russian-occupied territory.

According to the Ukrainian military, Russia deployed Iskander M mobile battlefield missile launchers 60km (40 miles) from the Ukrainian border. Two ballistic missiles from the mobile system can carry nuclear or conventional warheads and have a range up to 500km (300 miles).

* Russia continued its assault on the last defenders of a giant steel plant in Mariupol, a Ukrainian official stated. This was days after Moscow declared victory over the southern port city. He also said that its forces didn’t need to seize the factory.

An aide to Mariupol’s mayor stated that a new attempt to evacuate civilians from Mariupol was unsuccessful. He blamed Russian forces. An official said that 200 Mariupol residents had sought to be evacuated, but Russian military ordered them to disperse. They also warned about possible shelling.

* The International Atomic Energy Agency stated that Ukraine requested a “comprehensive list of equipment” in order to operate its nuclear power stations. This included radiation measurement devices, protective materials, and power supply systems.

* Germany must do all it can to help Ukraine win the war with Russia, but not endanger its security or NATO’s defence capability, said Christian Lindner, Finance Minister.

* “I want the sun to shine in my eyes, but it’s dim here. We can live in peace when our houses are rebuilt. “Let Ukraine win, Ukraine is our home,” said an unnamed boy. He was speaking from a video that the Azov battalion released showing civilians trapped in a Mariupol steelworks.


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