December 6, 2023


 Ukraine stated that its main objective in the face-to-face talks it held with Russia over the past two weeks was to reach a ceasefire. However, both the United States and Ukraine were cautious about a breakthrough.


 Irpin’s mayor, who is near Kyiv said that Ukrainian forces had seized control of the city. According to a senior U.S. official, the eastern town Trostyanets was now under Ukrainian control, just south of Sumy. Reuters could not confirm these reports.

Russia claimed that its troops destroyed large ammunition depots in Ukraine’s Zhytomyr area and struck 41 Ukrainian military bases in the past 24 hours.

There are no signs that Russia has abandoned a plan to surround Kyiv. This is according to the defence ministry of Ukraine.

Russian soldiers who took control of Chernobyl’s site drove armored vehicles through the toxic “Red Forest” without radiation protection, workers said.


The Wall Street Journal reported that Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire, and Ukrainian peace negotiators experienced symptoms of poisoning following a meeting. A U.S. official stated that the symptoms could have been caused by an environmental factor and not poisoning.

The Kremlin stated that Joe Biden’s comment that Putin “cannot stay in power” was alarming. Biden stated that the comment was a reflection of his moral outrage and not a U.S. policy change. The Ukrainian President Zelenskiy called on the West to tighten sanctions, including an oil embargo.


According to the U.N. Human Rights Office, 1,119 civilians were killed and 1,790 were injured since Russia’s attack.

A spokesman for Mariupol’s mayor stated that nearly 5000 people were killed, including 210 children.


Russia stated that it will not supply gas to Europe at no cost. It has developed methods to accept payments in roubles for gas exports. The demand was rejected by the G7 countries.

This week, U.S. and German officials will meet in Berlin with executives from the energy industry to discuss ways to increase alternative supplies for Germany.

According to Economy Minister Svyrydenko, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has cost Ukraine $564.9 million in terms infrastructure damage, economic growth loss, and other factors.


The talks in Turkey were not about trading people, land, or sovereignty.

Kyiv Mayor Klitschko stated that “we have destroyed the mythof the invincible Russian Army”.


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