December 7, 2023


Ukraine asked the International Committee of the Red Cross to not open a planned Russian office in Rostov-on Don. This would allow Moscow to legitimize its “humanitarian corridors”, as well as the abduction and forced deportation of Ukranians.

After his talks with Sergei Lavrov, the head of the ICRC stated that an agreement between the Russian- and Ukrainian armies was necessary before civilians could be evacuated from war-torn Ukraine.

Russian media reported that Peter Maurer, Red Cross chief, asked Russia for assistance in opening a Red Cross office at Rostov-on Don.

Mykhailo Radutskyi was chairman of the public health committee in Ukraine’s Parliament. He appealed to Red Cross for a change.

Radutskyi stated in a statement that “The Committee calls upon the International Committee of the Red Cross to not legitimize ‘humanitarian corridors” on the Russian Federation’s territory as well as not support the abduction of Ukrainians or their forced deportation.”

The ICRC could not be reached immediately for comment.

Rostov-on Don is the largest Russian settlement on Ukraine’s east border. It is also the administrative capital of Rostov region. Russia has used it as a temporary shelter for those evacuated from the war zone.

Russia claimed last week that it had evacuated hundreds of thousands of people from Ukraine in the course of a “special military operations” to disarm and “denazify its neighbor.

Ukraine claims Russia illegally deported thousands since the war began, including approximately 15,000 civilians from Mariupol.

Russia’s invasion in Ukraine has left thousands dead, and nearly 4 million people displaced. There are fears that Russia will escalate its aggression against the West.


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