September 26, 2023


The Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine made a plea to Mariupol and Azovstal for help at Saturday’s (14 May) Eurovision Song Contest, before winning Eurovision.

Mariupol, please help Ukraine. After the band had performed “Stefania”, Oleh Psiuk, the lead singer of Azovstal, shouted: “Please help Azovstal right away!”

Russian forces have been bombarding the steelworks at Mariupol’s southern port, which is the last refuge for hundreds of Ukrainian defenders. The attack comes after two months of siege.

Kalush Orchestra are expected to win the annual song contest. The international audience of 200 million is watching, with a wave of sympathy following Russia’s invasion in February.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the Ukrainian President, stated that he believed the Kalush Orchestra will win in a video address before the event.

“Europe, vote Kalush Orchestra (song No 12!) Let’s help our fellow countrymen! Let’s support Ukraine,” Zelenskiy said, tightening his fist.


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