December 1, 2023


The Commission has adopted a proposal for Cohesion’s Action for Refugees in Europe (CARE) allowing member states and regions to provide emergency support to people fleeing from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. CARE is introducing the necessary flexibility in the 2014-2020 Cohesion policy rules to allow a swift reallocation of available funding to such emergency support. On top, the 2022 envelope of €10 billion of the Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe (‘REACT-EU’) funds can also be used to address these new demands within the overall aim of post-pandemic recovery.

Cohesion and Reforms Commissioner Elisa Ferreira (pictured) said: “The EU stands in solidarity with Ukraine against the brutal invasion of the Russian Federation. Today’s proposals will make it easier and faster to mobilise cohesion funds to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine, as well as to support Member States and frontline regions welcoming them. In addition, the exceptional 100% co-financing rate applied in response to the pandemic will be extended by a year, I invite the European Parliament and the Council to swiftly consider this proposal so that member states and regions can make use of these new opportunities as quickly as possible.”

Jobs and Social Rights Commissioner Nicolas Schmit said: “With today’s proposal, the EU will ensure immediate support to those fleeing Ukraine. Member States will be able to use cohesion funding to support refugees in finding jobs, starting or continuing education, and accessing childcare. They can also receive support for counselling, training and psychological assistance. Funding from the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived will also be crucial to provide much-needed food and basic material assistance.”

The proposed amendments of the Common Provisions Regulation and the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived Regulation require now adoption by the European Parliament and the Council. More details in this press release and Q&A.


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