November 30, 2023


Ukraine is open to discussing a neutral status as part a peace agreement with Russia, but it would need to be guaranteed and put to a referendum by third parties, President Volodymyr Zilenskiy stated in comments aired Sunday.

In a video conference of 90 minutes, Zelenskiy spoke to Russian journalists. The interview was a pre-emptive warning by the Russian authorities to stop reporting on it. Zelenskiy spoke throughout in Russian.

Zelenskiy claimed that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had resulted in the destruction and devastation of Russian-speaking areas in Ukraine. He also said that the damage was more severe than the Russian wars against Chechnya.

“Security guarantees, neutrality, non-nuclear state of our state. We are prepared to do it. This is the most important thing,” Zelenskiy stated.

Zelenskiy stated that Ukraine was discussing using the Russian language in Ukraine during talks with Russia. However, he refused to discuss any other Russian demands such as demilitarisation of Ukraine.


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