December 1, 2023


India has been getting lot of lectures, threats from western media, think tanks, leaders, trolls for it’s composed and neutral stance on Ukraine War. Western world still sees India through an old colonial prism and poverty cliche like their media narratives. India of 2022 under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed to a great degree as a young global power but neo colonial west has not. India’s quest for peace and it’s calmness has been mistaken as it’s weakness. writes former Intelligence Official K.K.Singh.

Majority in India do not support Putin’s actions. India has called for peace and dialogue. India is also aware about Nato expansion in disguise of a defensive alliance for 30 years in Eastern EU. Nato also tried to expand in Indo Pacific but China resisted. We also know the parties which aided Ukraine with false assurances on NATO and EU membership and then backed out.The Ukraine war is not India’s business and we know the parties responsible. Russia’s basic demands should have been met with security guarantees for world peace we are aware about western arrogance to showcase dominance. Russia is a declining power but pushing away the world’s largest nuclear power like Russia into China’s orbit is a big mistake. Now autocratic regimes like North Korea, Russia and China will be a threat to democratic world. West has a long habit of overestimating itself and demeaning adversaries and friends.

West Underestimates India and Indians:

I remember an incident years ago in South of France in St Tropez. I was with a friend who was associated formerly with one of the western head of state. There was a person in his 40s who used to bother my friend and was an ex special forces of an EU country. My friend tried to avoid him and even I tried to politely ignore his insults by telling him not to bother her but he did not listen to me. Few days passed by but his attitude and tactics did not change. My friend asked me to intervene but coming from a land of Gandhi I did not have to prove to anyone anything by using violent means or force. One day he literally crossed all the limits so once my friend left I confronted him and to his surprise he was knocked out in less than a minute. Sometimes politeness is taken as weakness in the west. His first sentence to me after getting knocked out was “You cow p*ss Indian slave you are supposed to be weak and we (Europeans) are superior” this was the level ignorance of a highly trained entitled special forces veteran in EU. I just smiled and left while he was lying on floor bleeding from his nose. The next day he did not bother me or my friend and later apologized and we became good friends. Moral is strength respects strength but we Indians do not believe in using it often like Americans do so there is a great misconception in west about our capabilities.

Today young Indians run Big tech in USA and Unicorn tech startups in India and worldwide and are very capable and well to do. Also the whole Hollywood and western media narrative is to be blamed that west is great, west is superior, west are heroic and others who do not share the same views, values are villains and cowards.

Western Agencies and Anti India Activities:

West till today has been targeting India on democracy, minority rights, human rights straight out of the CIA 1990s playbook and has failed miserably. UK and USA through their foreign aid make NGOs, social researchers etc act as a front for their agencies and target India through protests and anti India activities. Many of these NGOs were recently banned by India with credible evidence linking involvement of state backed apparatus and hand of left leaning powerful lobbies who control western media and who are known for their hate for Hindus, PM Modi and India. Their perception about India has been totally wrong. I remember my conversation with an American high ranking air force commander in Washington who was part of USA National Security Council told me and I quote “Son for America morality and values are last and it’s self interest first. America will do anything and everything to protect it’s interest”. I just smiled and stood by seeing his arrogance and lack of respect for human life and dignity.

Western Hypocrisy on Energy and Oil

Today EU is buying oil and gas from Russia and yet western media and leaders have audacity to single out, lecture and threaten India with sanctions for keeping ties with it’s trusted friend of decades while west never did anything trustworthy for India to protect India’s interest. This narrative of either with us or against us is old and outdated.

Hard Facts:

Here are some hard true facts on India and west relationship which western media is not highlighting to it’s audience. This is for global readers especially ignorant and superiority complex western world to understand India better because empathy and mutual respect is the last thing west has had about India.

1. India today is a peaceful country of Gandhi yet a global military, technology, nuclear and economic power who does not entertain bullies. India is not a western puppet nor a vassal state. Puppet as in like Australia, Japan, UK, EU countries are to USA and who follow USA foreign policy blindly. India has an independent foreign policy since decades and has managed to protect itself in a neighborhood of two rogue nuclear powers. India like Israel is not like some weak middle eastern or Balkan country which were targeted by NATO and USA to demonstrate it’s hegemony. West needs to have mutual respect when it deals with India. Hope in future west maintains mutual respect, peace and harmony and not conflicts on diverse views else relationship with India is going nowhere.

2. India also does not need sermons from western leaders, experts, think tanks and media on democracy and human rights after destroying countries like Iraq for imaginary WMDs, replacing Taliban terror with Taliban after spending 2 decades and trillions of dollars in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Balkan  etc and number of violent invasions. USA should sanction Bush and Blair for Iraq first before Russia. I am not saying two wrongs make a right but just calling out western hypocrisy. This democracy and human rights facade is from old CIA playbook to target countries which challenge western interest. West internally does not rate India as a friend but as an economic competitor. They do not want another China in India’s peaceful rise. India is aware of this and will always look out for it’s interest like America looks for it’s own interest aggressively above moral compass and values. In geopolitics there are no permanent friends or enemies only common interest.

3. India will not entertain endless wars incited by west anymore to feed their arms, oil and left leaning elite media lobby. India believes in quiet back channel diplomacy and Indian leadership has been speaking with both leaders to make peace in current Ukraine conflict rather than war mongering like west who has been arming only one side to add fuel to fire till Ukraine is destroyed entirely. West is only concerned for Ukraine as battle is close to their region and not Africa or Asia. West is only concerned for white blue eyed people as exposed in their media and not poor Yemenis or Afghans.

India is concerned by western information warfare to incite Ukrainians to fight till last man standing this is morally corrupt. Nearly entire narrative in western media is that Ukraine is winning and Russia is losing we all know that is not the case. Russia has destroyed many key Ukrainian cities, siezed territory and battle is fought close to Kyiv. Example – If USA and China go to war and battle is fought in Beijing you will not entertain a narrative that China is winning and USA is losing. US big tech, social media control on this entire narrative is dangerous and will leave Ukrainians blinded in false hope and as cannon fodder since Nato has already left them refusing air support. In fog of war truth is first casualty. Russia and China are armed to teeth with hypersonic weapons so west minus USA armed forces is sitting ducks.

4. Also USA strategy to make Russia get trapped in Ukraine and to sanction and weaken Russia is a foreign policy disaster. West does not represent entire world. Africa, South America, Middle East, India and China will not succumb to Anglo – Saxon sanctions and will trade with Russia. Firstly I am not pro Russia nor Anti west. I am just calling out western hypocrisy of decades.

5. India seeks more friends than enemies unlike USA which has kept on picking fights and destroying weak countries around the world with poor foreign policy decisions for decades.

6. Sadly west never stood up for India and Indians stronger. India lost many civilians to terror attacks from Pakistan yet west was silent, West to India’s shock armed Pakistan for decades this is hypocrisy. What lectures are western leaders giving India now? Are brown people are of any lesser god than white blue eyed ones?

7.West never sanctioned or said a word against China when it killed India’s soldiers and China has been in a standoff in Himalayas for 2 years with 200000 soldiers. Still EU and USA have no words to say against China or to support India. Why Eu or USA cannot sanction China? Because their trade with China cannot be part of economic warfare as they are too relient on them.

8. In 1971 USA and it’s leadership were hawkish towards India. Nixon and co were abusive towards India. USA and UK sent naval ships to attack India a fellow democratic country and a country of Gandhi by going on wrong side of history by being with Pakistan. Still USA failed as Russia saved India from UK & USA so the Russians who are villains according to the western media enjoy immense goodwill among Indian masses and not just arms but no country in the world trusts India with Nuclear Submarine technology like Russia does. Today west refused to give India sophisticated arms and they do defence deals with huge costs and strict clauses. This is not acceptable to India and India does not care about what junior American diplomats or bureaucrats have to say like Donald Lu or Nuland. No western media or think tank or expert is addressing these hard true facts.

 9. In 1998 West sanctioned India for nuclear test when India was just protecting itself from nuclear armed rogue neighbours. 

West should practice first what it preaches. This has to be consistently done for decades for India to trust west and abandon Russia. Mutual respect and trust is a two way business in Geo Politics.

Also west needs to come to a new reality that they live in a multi polar world not a unipolar world lead by USA. West cannot dictate terms on India anymore.

Author is a former Intelligence Official


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