March 29, 2023


Ievgen Klopotenko, a Ukrainian chef, was not tempted to buy a gun when Russia attacked Ukraine in February. His restaurant is called Inshni, Ukrainian for “Others”. It opened in Lviv’s western city, just over a week back. 

Klopotenko, who is well-known in his country, said that he understood that he wasn’t very skilled with guns. However, a knife-wielding warrior was something that he can do. “My goal and my mission in this life is to feed people.”

Klopotenko, a winner of MasterChef Ukraine, made news several years ago when he fought to have Ukrainian borscht (a reddish beet-and-carb soup) added to the UNESCO world heritage list. Russian officials disputed the claim.

Klopotenko donated his own money, as well as donations from friends and customers who pay to eat from a separate menu.

Klopotenko stated that the majority of people who eat the free meals fled their homes in Ukraine and are now making their way to Poland.

OlenaSeverinova was forced from her eastern Donetsk home by the bombardments of advancing Russian forces. Since arriving in Lviv, she has been coming to “Others”.

The 73-year old, who was crying, said that she had been forced to relocate because of the war. “Thank you everyone for taking part in saving lives… He provided free food for us.


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