March 28, 2023


In this article, I’d like to let you know the value of being single and the value of being in a relationship with a Slavic lady. Enjoy!

  • What to do when you are single:

Single people have an unfair advantage – they have time! Time is the most valuable asset in anyone and everyone’s life. Therefore, if you are single, you definitely have more time for yourself than people who are in relationships or those who are married with children.

As a single person, you have the time to do whatever makes you happy as long as your hobbies and interests are legitimate and legal. 😉 For instance, you can focus on activities such as learning a foreign language, making art, and so on.

Moreover, you have a lot of time to work on your business or your career. Growing a business or starting a new job requires a large amount of time and energy, and you have that! As a result, you are more likely to be wildly successful! Congratulations.

What’s more, you have lots of time to work on yourself – you can do more personal development by reading some self-help books. Reading takes time, but it’s so worthwhile because reading gives you so many fantastic and life-changing ideas that you can implement! 

In addition, you can travel with complete freedom, provided the pandemic is over. You don’t need to report to anyone in your life. Your life is yours. Your freedom is yours. Your adventure is yours.

  • What to do when you are ready to meet someone:

Everyone needs to be loved and to love someone. That’s human nature. So, when you’ve achieved a lot as a single guy, perhaps you will eventually get ready to meet someone and get married.

When you’re ready to meet a lady, there are several options:

  1. You can meet a like-minded woman who shares the same interests/hobbies while enjoying the group version of those hobbies and interests, e.g., You like music. Instead of listening to music at home by yourself, you may go to a concert and meet like-minded people there!
  2. You can tell your friends and family that you are keen to meet a woman. Go out for a blind date!
  3. You can join a dating site like Ukraine Brides Agency and meet Slavic women online.
  • When you are in a relationship….

A relationship is the most beautiful thing in the world. No wonder every pop song / Hollywood movie is about love. We all understand the importance of romantic love.

What does a relationship give you?

  1. You can enjoy being loved and loving someone you admire and respect.
  2. You can share your exciting life with someone you cherish.
  3. You can build a future together by starting a family and staying married for the rest of your life.
  4. You are able to see this world from a different perspective because another person gives you new insights.
  5. You are able to have a better understanding of life because relationships require work – you need to maintain the spark and work on your romantic relationship regularly.

Yes, relationships definitely offer many perks. Please don’t miss out on romantic love!

Many people stop reading this blog after they have found someone. Nevertheless, my advice is to keep reading this blog because finding someone to start a relationship is just the very beginning of another journey. You still need to know how to keep your lady and maintain your relationship properly, and this blog publishes new articles regularly, so there is always something that can help you and your relationship with your Slavic lady!
Quote: “A relationship requires maintenance. You go to see the dentist twice a year because your teeth require maintenance. You send your leather jacket to the dry cleaner’s twice a year because your leather jacket requires maintenance. That means you would be well-advised to nourish your relationship as well because it’s just as important as your teeth and definitely more important than your leather jacket!”


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